LexisNexis is an American corporation that provides computer-assisted research for legal, professional, and risk solutions. LexisNexis has many clients from law firms and organizations to government agencies with the world’s largest public records-related database.

LexisNexis aids law firms, corporations, academic institutions, and government agencies with legal solutions and business insights. Their customers also can avail other LexisNexis services such as fraud detection, identity solutions, data analytics compliance, health outcomes, investigations, risk management, and workflow optimization.

LexisNexis Online Portal

The LexisNexis online portal is where customers can get the service they require. Since all the resources and tools are computer-assisted, each product service will have a unique login. We will see in detail the various type of product solutions provided by LexisNexis.

There are two types of solutions provided by LexisNexis:

  • Legal & Professional Solutions is usually provided to law firms, corporations, government agencies, and academic institutions who require legal solutions and business insights. Some of the products are Lexis+, Nexis, Lexis, Law School, Practical Guidance, and LexisNexis CourtLink.
  • Risk Solutions is mainly for companies and government agencies that need fraud detection, identity solutions, data analytics compliance, health outcomes, investigations, risk management, and workflow optimization.

Lexis Advance: Sign in with Login Page

If you are a pre-registered user, then you will have to sign in and after creating a new account and forgetting the password, you will be able to login to your account by visiting the login page of Lexis Advance.

Looking for Lexis Advance login? Here you will find official links that helps you get an access to account. Problems with Lexis Advance login? Use these easy tips to solve your problem:

Easy Steps to Login Lexis Advance Profile:

1. Lexis Advance Login Page

First of all go to Lexis Advance’s official website https://advance.lexis.com/ for Sign in and Register new account.

2. Username and Password

To login to your account, you will get a login form, where you will have to login with your username, email ID and password.

3. Forget your password

If you have forgotten the password and want to change the password, then click on the option of Forgot password.

4. Sign in with Lexis Advance

Now, click on “Login” button to submit your login details, this easy way will help you to login Lexis Advance.

Lexis Advance Login

  • To sign in to your LexisNexis product account, visit the LexisNexis homepage at https://www.lexisnexis.com/.
  • You will be given two options, namely ‘Legal & Professional Solutions’ and ‘Risk Solutions’ to choose from.
  • Click on ‘Visit Site’ from the appropriate tab.
  • You will either be brought to the Legal & Professional Solutions page or the Risk Solutions page.
  • On the top right corner of either of the pages, click on the ‘Product Sign In’ option.
  • You will be shown a list of service login portals to choose from. You can choose from one of the product service portals.
  • Enter your Sign-In ID.
  • Enter your password.
  • Click on ‘Sign In’ to access the product account.

Lexis® – Sign In | LexisNexis


LexisNexis users sign in here. Click here to login and begin conducting your legal research now.

Lexis Nexis Advance Login

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Lexis Advance Login and Registration Page

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How to login and sign in with the Lexis Advance Portal, if you are having trouble logging in with the Lexis Advance Sign in, …

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